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Avis Rental Terms for travel between 01-Nov-2018 and 31-Dec-2050

An initial deposit will be secured at the time of booking confirmation. Accepted credit cards are Visa and MasterCard. The deposit is non refundable if cancelled within 72 hours prior to pick up or no show. 
The balance is also paid at the time of booking confirmation.

Supplier Payment Options
Charge Cards Accepted
    • American Express
    • Avis
    • Bankcard
    • Diners Club
    • Jalcard (Japan Airlines),
    • Japan Credit Bureau
    • MasterCard
    • Visa

Charge Cards Not Accepted
    • Union Pay is currently not accepted, but they are working on a solution to accept this
Please Note: Rentals paid for by a valid credit/debit card will be subject to a card transaction fee of 1.29% (including GST) at time of pick-up.

Cash Rentals:  All renters must present an acceptable Avis-honored charge card at the time of rental. When the car is returned, renters may pay in cash, by cheque (local residents only) or by an Avis-honored charge card.

Travel Vouchers:  Avis travel vouchers, Government Purchase Order, ACTO's . All Avis accepted net/tour vouchers require a second form of credit identification (Avis-honored charge card or cash deposit).  Minimum age requirements are based on the second form of credit identification.  

Debit Cards: Corporate locations will accept debit cards for the payment of a vehicle. An additional $400* authorization on top of the estimated rental charges will be held. Charges will be processed after completion of the rental and, if applicable, the unused portion of the authorization will be released. The time frame for this is dependent on your bank. Avis will not be held responsible for any overdraft fees based on this policy.

Some Licensee/Franchise locations will accept debit cards for the payment of a vehicle. (See table above) An additional $400 authorization on top of the estimated rental charges will be held.

*Exceptions: An additional $100 authorization (on top of the charges) will apply for all Tour voucher rentals with a corporate/travel AWD.
An additional $200 authorization (on top of the charges) will apply for all Tour voucher rentals with a non-corporate/travel AWD.


Debit cards must:
    • be issued by a bank or other financial institution; and 
    • display the MasterCard or Visa logo; and 
    • display the customer's name and card number. 

Prepaid, reloadable, EPTPOS cards: 
At commencement of rental, Avis does not accept a prepaid or reloadable stored value card, a travel money card or an EFTPOS card. A credit or debit card as outlined above must be presented at commencement of rental. Upon completion of rental, some Avis locations will accept a prepaid or reloadable stored value card as a form of payment.


Additional Drivers
All additional drivers must meet the same minimum age and driver’s license requirements as the renter. All additional drivers must be present at the start of the rental.  An additional fee may apply.

Taking your vehicle outside the Country
Not applicable. Cars are not allowed outside of the country.

Waiver and Protection Options
Loss Damage Waiver (LDW/CDW)
LDW/CDW is included in most rates. The renter is liable for all damages to the Avis vehicle and to third party property up to the excess amount, applicable to the rate. LDW/CDW reduces customer liability from the full value of the vehicle to a nominated excess. 
The customer is responsible for ALL DAMAGES in the following situations:
    • Car is driven into Western Australia, North of Carnarvon, without prior Avis approval, when the vehicle has been rented from an Avis location outside this region.
    • The vehicle is used for towing purposes.
    • Negligence or breach of the rental agreement terms and conditions or laws of the state.
    • Overhead or roof damage caused, but no limited to, contact between the vehicle and objects overhanging or obstructing the path of the vehicle, or damage caused in any other manner.
    • Water damage to the vehicle or any underbody damage, and any resulting damage from that underbody damage, to the vehicle.
Other coverages may be available at the counter, check upon arrival for information.

Damage to people and their property
Public liability and Property damage (PLPD) are included in all rates at no additional cost, under LDW.
Public Liability covers injury or death to persons outside the Avis vehicle.
Property Damage covers damage to property other than the Avis vehicle or renter, drivers or passenger’s property.
Customer must request further information at counter.
Public liability cover is within accordance of the insurance laws of the country.

Excess Reduction (ER)
Purchase of Excess Reduction (ER) reduces the amount payable in the event of a claim.
Please note that even if you pay the Excess Reduction, you are always responsible for the full costs of repairing any overhead damage, apart from hail damage (for example, damage which occurs if you drive the vehicle into a bridge, a tunnel, a tree or the roof or boom gate of a car park); underbody damage (for example, damage to the exhaust systems, suspension and chassis caused by carelessly driving over gutters of curbs or driving along poor quality roads at excessive speeds); water damage or damage caused by breach of the rental agreement.
Coverage conditions may vary by rate code.
Customer may inquire for additional information of the benefits, conditions and acceptance at the time of rental.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
Avis offers a Personal Accident Insurance to customers on an optional basis.
RENTER:  Covered during the term of the rental agreement for accidental death or injury sustained in an accident independent of all other causes.
PASSENGER(S):   Covered during the term of the Rental Agreement for accidental bodily injuries sustained in an accident independently of all other causes, occurring while riding or driving with the renter and while stepping in or stepping out of the Avis vehicle.

Personal Effects & Baggage (PEB)
Avis offers a Personal Effects and Baggage Insurance to customers on an optional basis for AUD 5.50 per day.
    • The coverage is in effect for the entire length of the rental.
    • Personal Effects & Baggage protection insures the personal belongings accompanying the renter and the immediate family members who are travelling with the renter.
    • This covers an individual renter for up to AUD 2,025 less the deduction of AUD 27.50 for loss or damage of baggage or personal belongings.  The maximum total payable during the period of the vehicle rental is AUD 6,000 for renter and family members and in the case of joint renter.
Personal belongings are insured against physical loss or damage.  There has to be a sign of forcible entry into the vehicle to make a claim.  Examples of personal belongings that would be covered are: luggage, clothing, golf clubs, and brief case.
Exclusions: PEB does not cover such things as: money, securities, tickets, documents, currency, jewelry, credit cards, household effects, perishables, animals.

Driving License and ID Requirements
A valid driving license from the renter’s country of residence must be presented in person at the time of rental.  This license must represent legally authorized, uninterrupted driving privileges in the country of residence for at least one year immediately prior to the rental pick-up date.  This license must certify the driver as qualified to legally operate the class and category of vehicle being rented. 

License must clearly display the following:
    • an official seal or stamp and identifying number from the issuing state, province, country etc. 
    • the bearers name, date of birth, residency information, photograph and signature 
Does not expire before the end of the rental period.
Note: Chinese drivers licenses are accepted Australia if they are translated fully into English by an approved translator. This also includes a notary translation done in China.
All driver licenses printed non Latin/Roman alphabet must be accompanied by a valid International Driving Permit (IDP)
All forms of documentation must be issued to the same person, in the same name, and presented together at the time of rental. 


Temporary Licenses:  Are only accepted when issued as a replacement to previously qualified drivers under conditions such as
            Lost license 
            Change of name 
            Change of address 
Will be checked for Stamp or Seal and expiration date.
The following temporary licenses issued as, but not limited to, are not acceptable as a valid driver’s license
        Learners Permit 
        Beginners Permit, 
        Provisional License 
        Probationary License 

Fuel Charges
Customers receive the car with a full tank of gas and should return it with a full tank.  Otherwise, they will be charged a refueling charge at the time the car is returned.
Gas/petrol is not included in rates.
The price of gas/petrol is available at time of check out.

Delivery and Collection
Australia locations normally deliver within a 10 km radius of their location.  The delivery must be requested.  If confirmed, the delivery is free of charge.  For deliveries outside a 10 km radius, request both the delivery and the delivery fee. Once customers arrive at the hotel they will need to fill out a Car Request Form at the concierge desk who will then send it to the rental location. The rental location will then deliver the car.
Collection of a vehicle must be arranged directly with the rental location.  The service cannot be reserved or requested at the time of reservation.

One Way Rentals 
Cars may be returned to other Avis locations in Australia, a one-way fee may apply.  
Where You Can and Cannot Drive The Vehicle
Renter and any Authorized Driver must not, unless authorized in writing by Avis, drive or take the Vehicle:
    • to Gove Peninsula or any island off the coast of Australia (including, but not limited to, Kangaroo Island, Bruny Island, Fraser Island, Magnetic Island, Groote Eylandt or the Tiwi Islands) 
    • into or out of the Northern Territory, Western Australia or Tasmania 
    • in Queensland 
        on Highway No.27: beyond Chillagoe in a Westerly direction 
        on Highway No.1: beyond Normanton in a Southerly, direction and no further North than Karumba 
        if the Vehicle is a passenger vehicle or truck, beyond Cooktown to the North or Lakeland to the West and no further North than Cape Tribulation on the Coast Road; or 
        on the Coast Road from Helenvale to Cape Tribulation, or from Laura to Lakeland, unless the Vehicle is a 4 wheel drive vehicle 
    • in the snow (at anytime and anywhere (including Tasmania)) 
    • above the snow line in: 
         New South Wales (being Jindabyne); or 
         Victoria (being Bright), from the beginning of June until the end of September 
    • on beaches or through streams, dams, rivers or flood waters; or 
    • in Western Australia, to any parts North of Carnarvon; or 
    • in the Northern Territory, on the Jim Jim Falls Road to Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls. 


Ferry Points
There is a ferry service in Australia, which operates from Mainland Australia and Tasmania.

TASMANIA (Devonport Wharf) MELBOURNE (Station Pier)
Drop off at ferry terminal. Pier not manned
Must advice rental location.  Pick-up service on a Request basis
  Customer phones upon arrival
MELBOURNE (Station Pier) TASMANIA (Devonport Wharf - DPO)
Drop off at ferry terminal. Avis desk at wharf meets all arrivals
Must advice rental location.   
Pier not manned.  
Customer phones upon arrival  

Special Equipment
Child Safety/Booster Seats
“Britax Safe & Sound Compaq Reversible Child Safety Seat" is for infants/toddlers between 0 to 4 years old.  It can be used two ways: For babies, it is reversed; for toddlers, it is facing forward.  Booster seats are available for children aged four to seven years old.
Child Safety Seat Laws
Children under seven years of age must wear a child restraint or booster seat when travelling in a car for improved safety.
The type of child restraint will depend on the age of the child as follows:
Children aged under six months (Child Infant Seat (CIS)) must wear an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, rear facing child restraint 
Children aged between six months and under four years (Child/Toddler Seats (CSS)) must wear an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, rear facing child restraint OR a forward facing child restraint with an in-built harness 
Children aged between four years and under seven (Booster Seat (CBS)) must wear an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, forward facing child restraint with an in-built harness OR an approved booster seat which is properly positioned and fastened. 
Where a child can sit in the vehicles: 
If a car has two or more rows of seats, then children under four years must not travel in the front seat. 
If all seats, other than the front seats, are being used by children under seven years, children aged between four and six years (inclusive) may travel in the front seat, provided they use an approved restraint or booster seat. 
Fitting of Child & Booster Seats:
Locations are required to fit all Child Safety Seats and Booster Seats for customers. It is strongly recommended that all customers are advised to check they are comfortable with the installation of the seat/s before checking out the vehicle.
Age of child/children must be stated on the reservation so the counter will have the correct seat.


Hand Controls 
Available at select rental locations.  Must request Hand Controls.  
Monarch hand control:
    • Available for automatic transmission vehicles Groups E or F, depending on location. 
    • No charge. 
    • Operated by right hand only. 
    • Steering wheel is not adjustable once hand control is installed. 
    • Has a downward motion (towards lap for accelerator) and forward motion for braking. 


Portable GPS
Portable GPS units are available at select rental locations in Australia. The portable GPS units can be hired in conjunction with any car/truck group rented at the available locations. 
GPS units cannot be insured for loss or damage, and a non-waivable excess is applicable in the event of loss or damage. The excess amount is the replacement cost of the unit. In the event of loss or damage to the individual applications such as charger, portable bag etc. a fee will be charged accordingly, varies by location.
GPS features
"Where 2" built by Garmin, a leader in GPS technology, offers customers features such as:
    • Three-dimensional maps 
    • Multiple language voice guidance 
    • Spoken street names 
    • Simple user interface 
    • User tutorial and much more.


Avis vehicles in the majority of SA, VIC, NSW, ACT & South QLD are fitted with an e-tag. 
What does this mean for the customer?
This means the customer will be able to use any toll road facility & will not have to worry about arranging an e-tag or stop to pay cash.

Who charges the customer?
The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will be administering this service. Avis will not collect any money. 
How will payment be taken?
The RMS will bill the customers credit card or charge account, if the customer does not have a credit card or account with Avis the RMS will send an invoice to the customer.

How much do the tolls cost?
    • For credit card or charge accounts a service fee of $3.30 AUD per calendar day that a toll road is utilized, plus the applicable fees for the toll.
    • For non credit card/account renters a service fee of $5.00 AUD per calendar day that a toll road is utilized, plus the applicable fees for the toll. 

Can customers use their own e-tag?
No, as all vehicles will have their license plates registered with the RMS, and some fitted with e-tags. 
If a customer brings their own e-tag, they will be billed twice.
Rule of the Road: Drive on the LEFT.
Breakdown: For 24-hour, nationwide breakdown service, call 0800 652 847 (toll-free).

Chauffeur Drive: Not available.


Snow Line Policy
Taking Avis vehicles into Snow affected areas be aware of the following:
N S W:  In NSW, renters must not take the vehicle beyond the ‘Snow Line’ which is deemed to commence in the township of Jindabyne. 
VICTORIA:  In Victoria, renters must not take the vehicle beyond the ‘Snow Line’ which is deemed to commence in the township of Bright.  
Renters should be advised to proceed with caution due to diverse driving conditions within these regions. Any person taking an Avis vehicle beyond these points shall be responsible for any damage to the vehicle. The excess will be void.
NOTE: The renter will be financially responsible for the vehicle if it is ‘snowed in’ for the duration until the vehicle can be returned to Avis.

Australia Extended Rental Program  
Extended Rental rates are available to customers who are renting an Avis vehicle for more than 28 days but less than 2 months (60 days).

Mini-Lease Reservations (60 days or more)
The Mini-Lease program is calculated as a 30 day month; however, the minimum rental is 60 days and rates are available on all car groups.  A reservation should be made for the entire length of rental.
At the time of rental, the customer will sign a rental agreement for each month of rental.  In addition, the customer also signs a Mini-Lease Terms and Conditions document.  It is therefore NOT necessary for the customer to return to the location each month to sign the rental agreement.

Terms of booking on this website

Information disclaimer
The rates on this website are often heavily discounted. This is due to our negotiated rates and bulk buying power. On very rare occasions, a rate may be displayed incorrectly due to our, or a vehicle supplier's error. In such a case, if you book with us at a quoted rate that is incorrect, we will notify you of any price change and give you the option to proceed or cancel. We make every effort to keep information on our site up to date, but we cannot guarantee this website is free of errors or omissions and retain the right to update or change the information published at any time.

To the extent permitted by law we/the owners of this website will not be liable to you or to any third party (whether in contract, tort, or otherwise) for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage (including but not limited to any accident, injury, delay or loss of enjoyment) arising out of your reliance upon information contained on this website, including but not limited to your use (or inability to use) any products or services described or procured through this website.

When you pick up your vehicle, you will be required to sign a rental agreement with the supplier of the vehicle. Your rental and use of the vehicle will be governed by the terms of the rental agreement and any other documentation or information provided to you by the supplier at the time you pick up your vehicle. The rental agreement is between you and the supplier and we will not be liable to you or to any third party in relation to the terms of the supplier's rental agreement or any other documentation provided to you by the supplier at the time of pick up.

While we will make reasonable efforts to ensure we are representing only reputable suppliers, we make no warranty about the fitness or suitability of any third party (supplier) product or service and will not accept responsibility for the quality or fitness of any vehicle. We welcome feedback from our customers on their experience with our suppliers. We may, at our discretion, provide you with reasonable assistance in resolving any dispute you may have with a supplier.

Our total liability to you in relation to your use of this website and the information contained on this website will not exceed the dollar amount of the deposit we have received from you in relation to your booking/rental. Refunds will not be made for bookings cancelled due to inclement weather. Again, we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance. Your use of this website is governed by the laws of New Zealand and the jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

Booking information
To make a booking you must complete our booking form which is easy to follow and secured with the latest encryption technology. Once we receive your form, we will, subject to availability, confirm your booking by emailing you a confirmation voucher and invoice.

If you are booking via phone, please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of the vehicle you wish to rent first. Our reservations consultant will ask you if you have read the terms and agree to them before proceeding. The onus is always on the renter to ensure they make themselves fully aware of the terms displayed on our website.

Information disclosure
In booking on this website you acknowledge that we disclose your information to your selected Supplier in order to provide the requested rental services.

Vehicle capacity and fitness to drive
Under no circumstances are you permitted to carry more passengers than the vehicle you rent is legally registered to carry, and if you do your insurance may be invalidated. The number of seatbelts (and passengers) is indicated next to each vehicle on this website. Luggage capacity where shown is an indication only and we will not be responsible should you be unable to fit your entire luggage into a vehicle. It is your responsibility to choose a journey that is within your capabilities. A vehicle supplier can refuse to rent a vehicle to any person who is in their opinion unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements. In such circumstances we will have no further liability to you.

Refund Policy
In the event of cancellation, any deposit amounts paid at the time of booking are non-refundable. 

If you are unsatisfied with our service, please contact us within 48 hours of placing your booking or request and we will work to resolve any issues and determine if compensation is due. In the event you have completed your rental and are unhappy with your vehicle, we are happy to assist you in seeking compensation from the operator of the vehicle.

This website is owned and operated by Online Republic Group Limited. Our financial centre and marketing office is based at Level 5, 12 Madden Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, New Zealand. In Australia, we are based at 2/509 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004. Thank you for booking with us.

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